Our Facials


Whether this is your first facial or you have had many facials on St.Croix, we will make you look many years younger. Using a mix of our professional experience, industry leading Dermalogica products and Face Mapping skin analysis, your skin will feel brand new.

First we analyze your skin using our Face Mapping technology. This allows us to determine any special attention we need to place on your on your skin. And we can then chose the proper protocol for your skin

We then begin to carefully steam your face.  The purpose of the steam is to open up the pores of the skin.  Meanwhile, you are relaxing with your included neck and shoulder massage.

Next we look for any blackheads, whiteheads or blemishes and gently remove them from the pore. If we are using a glycolic or lactic acid peel, we would usually apply the product prior to this to the reduce sensitivity of the peel.

If microdermabrasion is being done during your facial, this is when we would begin to use the machine. 

Up until now, our main goal has been to fully cleanse your precious skin through a variety of techniques. Now the luxurious part of the facial comes in!  Using soothing creams, we massage your face with industry leading Dermalogica products specifically formulated on your skin. 

Now, it's time for your mask. Due to our careful analysis and extensive experience, you receive a mask specifially formulated for you.  In addition to our large selection of masks to make your skin look years younger, we also have acne masks for teen-agers, peel-off masks for sun-damaged skin, and a firming mask to lift and tighten your skin. 

As the facial comes to end, we will gently wake you from your relaxed state. Looking into the mirror, you will be so happy at how much younger and fresher your skin looks. 

Types of St.Croix facials Tropical Therapy offers:

  • Teen facial
  • Acne skin facials
  • Dry skin facials
  • Anti-Aging facials
  • Rosacea facials
  • Dermalogica Bioactive  Peels
  • Microdermabrasion 
  • Male Facials

Call us now to book your St.Croix facial and experience why we we've been voted The Best St.Croix Facial.